Company profile

Alite Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving production enterprise focusing on the lighting landscape of LED giant buildings and the R & D, production, sales and service of cultural tourism lighting, bridges and ancient building lighting products. The business covers municipal projects, medium and large-scale real estate, large-scale advertising, tourist attractions and import and export trade. The company's products cover: LED projection lamp, wall washing lamp, projection lamp, interactive lighting and lighting interactive control system. Independent research and development of optical lens, appearance structure, PCB circuit, lighting control system, etc. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the quality of light and characterized by modular structure imaging narrow beam. Guided by the eight character policy of "simplicity, comfort, softness and energy saving", as the product R & D goal, the current product perspective is comprehensive (covering 1w-1260w monochrome and 4 colors). It has more than 40 independent R & D patent rights; the enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification as a whole, and the ex factory products have obtained CCC, CE, ROHS, CQMA and other national certifications. At present, juwai has the most complete LED projection products and the most complete power. We look forward to working with you to create the ultimate light environment!

Development History
Establish a company
After 5 months
'future light' research, the concept of narrow angle light control for stereo lighting is proposed
1 angle # product mass production
obtained 8 patents
2.5 corner of the product has been launched
and 12 Kego series projection lamp # patents have been developed in total
Huadu District private technology enterprises # opened 16 ISO quality management system
patents in total
Outstanding outdoor
lighting engineering supplier # patents totaling 20 # won the intellectual property pilot enterprise
Guangdong innovative
high-tech enterprise
excellent outdoor lighting engineering supplier
Guangdong little giant technology enterprise
Guangdong high tech enterprise # excellent outdoor lighting engineering supplier
high tech enterprise
Parallel light 3 ° is available
and the direction of softer
light control of Alite lamps is promoted
2019 excellent outdoor lighting brand award
annual sales of 270000 projection lamps
Won two magic lamp Awards
Keep working hard on the road
with soft light control
Narrow angle product characteristic light type

Simplicity: simple but not simple, simple but not random. Through the simplest design, integrate the mellow design concept to connect the lighting and life!

Comfort: the appearance of the product is simple and atmospheric, which is naturally integrated with the building wall to form a perfect landscape!

Soft: the lighting is natural, healthy and comfortable. The light and environment complement each other, prevent light pollution, and make the building more space aesthetic!